Nubian Star Nation: Book One

After four hundred years of growth and no contact with Earth, the Nubian Star Nation is a thriving society with a population of 23 billion inhabiting forty planets.  It is a society where school children have backpacks the transform into hoverbikes, take field trips into outer space, and have a powerful military that serves as the defender of their freedom.

Roscoe Brown and his best friend Willa Chappell are two normal children experiencing a normal life in the Nubian Star Nation.  On their home planet, the Liberated States of America, they go to school, they play, and they live securely in the knowledge that they are truly free.  As they grow into adulthood they will explore their past, with the lessons of history shaping their visions for a prosperous future. 

Yet one coincidental discovery will test the humanity of the Nubian Star Nation and could possibly bring an end to this fantastic utopia.  It will definitely forever change the lives of Roscoe, Willa, and everyone they know.

Sequels and Prequels

Book One is the first in several planned novels chronicling the adventures of the Nubian Star Nation.

Book Two is available now!

Book Three is in development.