Despite the potential risk to their very existence, the Nubian Star Nation sends a small expedition to Earth, offering the cure for a plague reputed to threaten the survival of those on the homeworld of all humanity. Unknown to the Nubians, the plague has long since been cured. Worse, the Confederacy not only still rules the Earth and its colonies, it has never stopped holding all people of African descent in slavery.

When the Confederate Navy discovers the Nubian expedition, they brutally open fire, killing its leadership. Damaged, cut off from reinforcements, and unable to return to Nubian space, the Nubian Warship Cinque is forced into hiding.

Roscoe Brown is thrust into new positions of responsibility as the surviving officers of the NWS Cinque grasp at their rapidly dwindling options to find a peaceful resolution. They know that if they fail the only possible outcome will be an all-out war between the Nubian Star Nation and the Confederate States of America.